Let Our Machines Do the Dirty Work

Let Our Machines Do the Dirty Work

Ask about Kubota backhoe options in Billings, MT

If you need to move some dirt, choose a Kubota backhoe or Kubota excavator to get the job done. Billings Kubota is a premier dealer for construction equipment in Billings, MT. Our machines will help you tackle any construction job with confidence. Turn to us for power, comfort and durability that you won't get from anyone else.

We sell a number of different Kubota excavator, wheel loader, track loader, skid steer loader and backhoe options. Call 406-245-6702 now to get more details about specific machines.

Get a backhoe suited to your needs

Do you need a backhoe for your next project? Our Kubota backhoe options are equipped to take on different jobs. Choose the B26 for the most versatility or the M62 for large, heavy-duty projects. Need to take on multiple tasks? The L47 functions as a tractor and loader, too.

Our backhoes are great for contractors, landscapers and anyone else in Billings, MT who needs to complete a large job. Ask a member of our team to help you find the right fit.